Stockholm Ultimate
Frisbee Club


We introduce our new outdoor 7v7 mixed hat league ‘Kings and Queens’ for our members.

Every Wednesday two teams are created and for every time you're playing on a winning team you get a point. Attend as many times as you can, make your team win and you'll stand with a crown in the end of the season!  

Valhalla, Valkyria and Odin

We have a team for every player, please make sure to check the club calendar to see when each training is and be aware of weekly changes in schedule.

Beginners Ultimate (Stockholm University)

Stockholm University run beginners ultimate every Thursday in central Stockholm. All you need is a pair of cleats and a will to try something new! 



Indoor season 19/20

Marwan Alajlouni


Indoor season 19/20

Erin Brownbill

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Ultimate pictures taken by Illia Shypunov

and Henrik Montin